Project KIKS

Press Articles & Letters:

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Black History Month Celebration Day Program
(In memory of Kathleen "Katy" Denslow)

"Activist For Katrina Victims To Speak Tuesday at Home"

"Another Successful 'KIKS' Mission"

"See Display of Thanks From Shoe Recipients"

Thank You Card
Thank You Cards from orphans of Soweto

"600+ Pairs Shoes, Socks Delivered to Soweto"

"Drawing Shows Small Town Has Big Heart"

"Help Cheatham Shoe More Soweto Kids"

"Paul Cheatham II named Home Member of the Year 2008"

"KIKS Delivers Its Soles to Grateful Kids"

"Cheatham's Christmas Rooted in '04 Tour of So. Africa"

"Operation KIKS - A Project for Heart and Sole"

"KIKS Shoe Project Heads to So. Africa"

"Local Vet on Quest to Bring South African
Youth Luxury of Shoes"

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